Registration for Sea, Sun & Science Open

At Sea Sun & Science we encourage outdoor learning . With Outdoor Learning participants learn through what they do, through what they encounter and through what they discover. Participants learn about the outdoors, themselves and each other, while also learning outdoor skills.

So come have fun and get creative while we learn about Tobago’s watersheds and coastal and marine life. Snorkel, Scuba dive, visit the reef, mangrove and rainforest. Costs include all materials, transportation, tour fees and equipment. Payment plans are available.

Registration for Sea, Sun & Science: A Marine Science Experience 2023 is open!

Spaces are limited. Click on the links below.

Form 1-3 (2 weeks) Cost: $1500

Form 4-6 Cost (2 weeks): $950

Primary school Junior Seastars Cost (1 week):$750

Preschool Polyp Pioneers (1 week) Cost:$650

For more info call or email us at 302- 6690 or