Tobago Coastal Ecosystems Mapping

The Tobago Coastal Ecosystem Mapping Project (TCEMP) is a two year (2007-2009) collaborative effort to develop habitat maps of invertebrate, fish, algae, marine plant and coral diversity as well as human impacts and coral diseases on Tobago’s reefs. The program also provides training and conservation education opportunities for local Tobagonians. The project is a component of the Integrated Watershed and Coastal Area Management (IWCAM) project and will help ensure the long-term protection and sustainable use of Tobago’s precious coastal ecosystem.


  • Comprehensive GIS-based marine resource assessment database leading to recommendations to competent authorities regarding the sustainable use and management of Tobago’s marine resources.
  • Continued monitoring of coral bleaching impact.
  • Increased awareness amongst stakeholders of marine resource use issues.
  • Increased capacity within country to undertake baseline monitoring of marine resources through the one-month Coral Cay Conservation Scholarship programme.

The project is sponsored by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Buccoo Reef Trust.