Who We Are

A world in which the marine environment of tropical islands is conserved for the benefit of future generations while maximizing present opportunities for sustainable livelihoods that enhance the quality of human life.

The Buccoo Reef Trust actively works in the Caribbean to develop capacity in the area of tropical marine sciences that enables people to protect the marine environment while ensuring sustainable use of the regions's aquatic resources.

The Buccoo Reef Trust – Partnering for a Sustainable Caribbean. A non-profit company registered in Trinidad and Tobago, specifically created to assist in the conservation of the southern Caribbean’s marine resources and the responsible development of its marine tourism sector.

Founded in 1999, the Buccoo Reef Trust has focused its efforts in three core areas: Research, Education and Conservation. The Trust has since built a portfolio of success in each of these core areas through the establishment of partnerships and development programmes that reach out to a broad base of people who are concerned about the fate of the Caribbean Sea and its diverse association of island nations.

The Buccoo Reef Trust will construct a Centre of Excellence, the Tobago Marine Research Centre to promote environmental sustainability by building intellectual and technical human capacity in the marine sciences that will enable governments, resource managers and the general public, to make informed decisions on how best to interact with and use the region’s marine resources.

2004 WANGO Award Recipients

WANGO, “2004 WANGO Award Recipients”, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations – Awards, http://www.wango.org/awards.aspx?section=winners2004

In taking the decision to present the Buccoo Reef Trust with its environmental award, the WANGO International Council was impressed with the consistent and courageous commitment of the Buccoo Reef Trust to protection of Tobago’s and the Caribbean’s marine environment and coupling this with exploring opportunities for sustainable development for the region’s people. While Buccoo Reef Trust is a young organization, it is clear that the Trust is not only sincerely motivated, but quite accomplished, and well worthy of this honor. We take great pleasure in recognizing this organization, particularly since so little recognition is given to organizations working on ocean environments.