Research is the starting block of the three-cycled theme of the BRT, as it is necessary to first educate one’s self about the condition of the environment and changes thereto in order to make informed decisions about policy, use, development and conservation. These are just a few of our research projects:

A partnership with Coral Cay Conservation UK to map the Tobago coastline. It facilitates:

  • The training of Trinidad and Tobago nationals in SCUBA, Marine Identification, Reef Check survey techniques – 51 nationals to date.
  • Community education programmes e.g. Montgomery Primary School winners of EMA competition.


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A partnership with the University of the West Indies that monitors the health of coral reefs around Tobago. It allows for:

  • The use of survey tools (underwater video, probes etc), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Information Systems (GIS) technology in the collection of data.
  • The establishment of 13 monitoring stations around Tobago’s reefs.
  • Evaluating how runoff (sediment, nutrient and freshwater inputs) influence coral reef communities.


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The focus is on applied research into the sustainable use of the region’s aquatic resources that can provide alternative livelihood opportunities. It will embrace the following:

  • Conch Farming Project that looks at the economic feasibility of farming West Indian fighting conchs in an integrated saltwater circulatory system that also facilitates sea water hydroponics.
  • The farming of ornamental fishes.
  • Tilapia Farming Project.