The Buccoo Reef Trust is promoting conservation concepts through:

This project focused on:

  • Community-linked, land-use planning and restoration of the Courland watershed and Buccoo Reef area.
  • It uses the data generated from the Tobago Coastal Ecosystem Mapping Project and Coral Monitoring research projects to facilitate the management of the watershed area.
  • Supports Anse Fromager Environmental Ecological Protection Organisation of Golden Lane.


This project was funded by the Global Environment Facility.

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A project with a focus on MPA management that facilitates

  • Strengthening coral reef management, monitoring, outreach and education
    within Tobago and across the South-eastern Caribbean.
  • Coordinating and facilitating managerial training and exchange
    opportunities for stakeholders.
  • Collaborating with the Speyside community on the Marine Area
    Community-based Management Project.


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The focus is on activities that contribute to the building of Tobago’s reefs. It will embrace the following:

This project was built on the branding of Tobago as “Clean, Green, Safe and Serene”. It incorporates initiatives along the three core programmatic areas of the Buccoo Reef Trust i.e. research, education and conservation.

  • The Ridge to Reef Research Initiatives focused on applied research in selected areas sustainable land management that will provide valuable data for the implementation of conservation activities related to integrated coastal and watershed management.
  • The Ridge to Reef Education Initiatives focused on enhancing the existing environmental education and public awareness programme in order to increase community knowledge of sound environmental management and to advance environmental stewardship among Tobagonians. The education programme will encompass persons at all level to include kindergarten students to tertiary level, community groups and other stakeholders.
  • Land management.


The Ridge to Reef Conservation Initiatives will focuses on reforestation and re-afforestation activities aimed at keeping Tobago green and solid waste management activities to reduce point sources of pollution.